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19th June 1993 - 29th January 2008

My Cat Casper



Hi everyone,
   This site is in memory of Casper who was my beautiful Siamese cat.
 My name is Ann and I was the proud owner of him.
 The bond I shared with Casper was so deep and wonderful. Sadly though, I had to say goodbye to my little Buddy!
 This site may bring comfort to anyone else who has lost a pet.
Most of his time was spent in the garden, simply patrolling for intruders.... a male thing, I'm afraid!
Let's face it, nobody likes an intruder in their garden.
  One day he spotted the neighbour's dog, it was a Rottweiler!
Hope the door is open!



Why the name Casper?
Well, as a kitten, he used to have fun pushing doors open and hiding.
 I would often comment about there being a ghost in the house....Casper!
Casper once caught a magpie and dragged it through the cat flap.
I think it had some sort of death wish because, the following day, he caught it again! - the missing  feathers gave it away.
I think I'll just wait here!



He did his fair bit of stealing too!
He stole a dog chew from my neighbour's garden and a bra from their linen basket.
He begged me not to tell anyone as he didn't want to end up with an ASBO! He even threatened to yowl his way out of it.
Something I definitely didn't want to listen to...
 believe me!
The happiest moment of Casper's life was when he met old Ollie, a cat owned by my neighbour... as you can see, a real softie!
They often played and hunted together, even shared the odd flea or two!
Then, one sad day, old Ollie was taken ill and had to be put to sleep...
Bless his furry paws!


It took Casper a while to get over his sad loss, but, as you know, time is a great healer.
But, the most important thing he had, was lots of love and support.
So, here he is, back to his old self again!
I believe in fate and felt certain he'd meet another cat, but only when the time was right...


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